Chicken Soup for Arthritis
Micro-Fragmented Adipose Tissue

Chicken soup was and is a popular cure-all. Today, joint preservation with orthobiologics such as microfragmented adipose tissue for grades 2-3 osteoarthritis is an emerging standard of care.

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The Global Regenerative Medicine Market: a Rising Tide and a Prime Investment Opportunity

The rising global market for regenerative medicine not only offers hope in the form of advanced therapies but also presents a fertile ground for robust investment returns.

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Dr. Mercado and Dr. Murrell

Jointechlabs Adds Orthopedic and Aesthetic Depth to Scientific Advisory Board

Renowned doctors Dr. William D. Murrell (orthopedics) and Dr. Carlos Mercado (aesthetics) bring new scientific and market savvy to the company.

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When BMAC (Bone Marrow) Isn’t Indicated, Microfat May Be!

BMAC and microfat both provide orthopedic advantages. Microfat can also be used when BMAC is not indicated.

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Jointechlabs’ CEO on “Talk is Biotech”

“Join us on the Talk is Biotech! podcast as we chat with Nathan Katz about his incredible journey from completing his PhD to becoming a medical scientist and ultimately a successful CEO of Jointechlabs, Inc.”

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Joint Venture and Patent Grant Mark Jointechlabs’ Entry Into China Regenerative Medicine Microfat Market

Jointechlabs has been granted a core Chinese patent and has entered into a joint venture to develop the microfat market in China.

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Best Practices Adipose Presentation for Practitioners

Dr. Nathan Katz discusses best practices in microfat-based procedures and the processing of microfat for optimal results.

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MiniTC training

Jointechlabs Makes Microfat-based Regenerative Medical Procedures More Efficient and Profitable

Jointechlabs has released new components and standardized processing to reduce time, complexity, and cost of microfat-based regenerative medicine procedures.

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MiniTC Adipose System Now Faster, More Convenient, Personalized

New syringes and a choice of cannulas will make adipose processing faster and personalized to each physician’s needs.

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MDSAP Quality Certification Awarded to Jointechlabs

Jointechlabs earned the MDSAP quality certification indicating compliance with ISO13485:2016 for medical device quality management.

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