Faster, simpler, and more efficient microfat-based procedures

BRANDON, FL/September 19, 2023 – Designed to save a physician time when performing any microfat-based medical procedure, Jointechlabs, Inc. has optimized the components and process of its industry-leading MiniTC® Microfat Processing system.  These optimizations produce greater patient and doctor satisfaction, increase profitability, and set a new standard for regenerative medicine efficiency.

A microfat-based procedure consists of three phases: removing (harvesting) fat from a patient, processing that fat into microfat, and injecting the microfat back into the patient.  MiniTC is the efficiency and quality leader for fat processing, yet physicians demand efficiency throughout the entire procedure. Jointechlabs is meeting this demand with components, automation, and best practice optimization in all three phases.

Below are typical times for each of the above phases in a common knee joint pain procedure showing 2023 efficiency improvements over 35%:

 Fat HarvestingMicrofat ProcessingMicrofat ReinjectionProcedure Total
201830 minutes30 minutes20 minutes80 minutes
202315 minutes25 minutes10 minutes50 minutes
MiniTC® and components – optimized for microfat procedure efficiency.

FatLok™ – the only syringe on the market formally designed and intended for lipoaspiration

Dr. Ariana DeMers, Orthopedic Surgeon at Restore Orthobiologic, says “One of my favorite parts of MiniTC is the harvester. It’s probably the best one on the market.”

Optimizing the Process, Not Just the Components

In addition to bespoke component design, the company has standardized and further automated the process at each stage of a MiniTC-based procedure, again reducing the labor needed, simplifying training, allowing doctors to easily gain proficiency and other medical professionals to perform much of the process, and leading to consistent results.

“Our goal is to make microfat-based procedures using MiniTC the simplest and most efficient on the market and to move the regenerative medicine industry forward.  We are striving to assure a stress-free, time-efficient process, from harvesting through processing to effortless injection.” said Dr. Nathan Katz, Jointechlabs CEO. “Henry Ford had a fantastic vehicle engine in the early 1900s. But it was only when Ford optimized production that motor vehicles changed the world.  We see a parallel here.”

Integral to this holistic and efficient approach, Jointechlabs support team will guide and train doctors on best practices. This training covers each of the three phases of microfat-based procedures.

A MiniTC microfat training session.

Best practices training for microfat-based procedures using MiniTC®

“The safety and effectiveness of microfat-based procedures have been shown through years of clinical experience,” said Dr. Nishit Pancholi, COO.  “However, for the first time the business case for microfat-based procedures is overwhelming.  MiniTC-based procedures are effective and rewarding for the patient, the doctor, and the practice. We are thrilled to be on the forefront of regenerative medicine adoption”

The above enhancements are available immediately.

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