Chicago, Ill, October 3, 2022/ — Jointechlabs, a global leader in point-of-care regenerative medicine, was issued US Patent No. 11,447,748, “Encapsulated Adipose-Derived Stem Cells, Methods for Preparation and Therapeutic Use,” the third utility patent in a family of patents, securing the intellectual property portfolio towards planned development steps.

Jointechlabs’ unique technology is designed to enable health practitioners worldwide to utilize autologous adipose tissue and its derivates (a person’s own fat) for joint pain relief and a wide variety of orthopedic, aesthetic, wound healing, and reconstructive surgery applications.

“Innovation is a cornerstone of our success and strategy as a pioneer and leader of the regenerative medicine industry,” said Dr. Nathan Katz, CEO of Jointechlabs. “This patent strengths the IP basis of our therapeutic development leveraging the already commercially available MiniTC® and Mini-Stem System® platform family. Securing a solid IP portfolio demonstrates both our commitment to innovation and our ability to secure patent protection in a way that strengthens our leadership and our competitive advantage.”

This latest patent covers methods and systems of encapsulating mesenchymal stem cells in a three-dimensional biocompatible gel matrix, maintaining the viability and location of the stem cells for an extended period, a significant advantage for therapeutic treatment efficacy as compared to stem cells in suspension.

Jointechlabs has a portfolio of 12 US and foreign patents. The latest patent joins the family that includes US Patent Nos 9,931,445, 9,938,501, and 10,745,666, issued between 2018 and 2020, with 11,447,748 extending coverage through 2032. Other patents have been granted in China, EU, Israel, Japan, and Ukraine.

Dr. Nishit Pancholi, COO of Jointechlabs added “We are gratified to have earned this latest patent, further memorializing our innovation, which continues to be validated by the global marketplace success of our products.”

About Jointechlabs

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, privately-held Jointechlabs is an emerging worldwide leader in point-of-care regenerative medicine, enabling healthcare practitioners and hospitals provide safe, cost-effective, non-surgical regenerative medicine therapies at the point-of-care without change in infrastructure.
FDA-cleared MiniTC® for the US market is a stand-alone device for processing autologous fat into regenerative-cell-rich Microfat for a variety of orthopedic, aesthetic, wound healing, and reconstructive surgery applications. Outside the US, CE-Mark-pending Mini-Stem System® prepares Microfat and also extracts Stromal Vascular Fraction.
Pipeline products include stem-cell therapeutics such as Bioprinting and injectable stem cell scaffolding.
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