MiniTC Adipose Processing System and its components

New syringes and a choice of cannulas will make adipose processing faster and personalized to each physician’s needs.

CHICAGO/April 4, 2023 – Jointechlabs, Inc., a privately held US-based regenerative medicine and therapeutics company, today announced upgraded syringes and cannulas that ship with the acclaimed MiniTC and Mini-Stem Adipose Processing systems.

The syringe upgrade provides faster and more efficient harvesting and precise input into and output from the MiniTC device. Additionally, it is FDA-cleared for lipoaspiration.

The additional cannula (lipoaspirate harvester) allows for faster harvesting, yet preserves the high yield ratio of the MiniTC grafting protocol. This second cannula provides the physician with a choice of cannulas based on personal preference.

“Many physicians have said that MiniTC’s current, Sorenson-style cannula is their choice for adipose harvesting, in particular for fibrous and/or lean adipose tissue,” said Dr. Nathan Katz, Jointechlabs CEO. “But others have told us they prefer a faster cannula that reduces harvesting time. By providing a choice with every MiniTC, physicians can now choose the cannula they prefer for virtually any type of patient body structure.”

Dr. Ariana DeMers, Orthopedic Surgeon at Restore Orthobiologic, says “One of my favorite parts of MiniTC is the harvester. It’s probably the best one on the market.”

This upgrade is effective immediately. Any physician with existing inventory who would like the new syringes and cannula can contact the company at

About Jointechlabs

Privately-held Jointechlabs is an emerging worldwide leader in point-of-care regenerative medicine. Jointechlabs enables healthcare practitioners and hospitals to provide safe, cost-effective, non-surgical regenerative medicine therapies at the point-of-care without change in infrastructure.
FDA-cleared MiniTC® for the US market is a stand-alone device for processing autologous fat into regenerative-cell-rich microfat for a variety of orthopedic, aesthetic, wound healing, and reconstructive surgery applications. Outside the US, CE-Mark-pending Mini-Stem System® prepares Microfat and also extracts Stromal Vascular Fraction.
Pipeline products include stem-cell therapeutics such as Bioprinting and injectable stem cell scaffolding.
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