Dr. Nathan Katz, co-founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist at Jointechlabs, is an industry leader in orthobiologic regenerative and rejuvenation therapies. Following his PhD in cell biology, Dr. Katz quickly became part of the growing field of stem cells and reproductive medicine.

Shortly afterward, foundational papers were presented on adipose-derived stem cells which intrigued Dr. Katz. He was specifically motivated to explore these disciplines, since his mother was suffering the debilitating effects of osteoarthritis.

After years of research and testing, Dr. Katz co-founded Jointechlabs to promote efficient ways of adipose regenerative cell harvest, which can then be used for several therapeutic applications.

The company was founded on the principle of making efficient, affordable adipose regenerative cell therapies available to doctors and patients around the world. This principle continues to guide the company today. Dr. Nathan Katz and Dr. Nishit Pancholi aim to advance the field of regenerative practice and make it an available standard-of-care option for doctors and patients. Their combined efforts have led to novel product developments, enabling healthcare professionals to offer affordable autologous adipose-based therapies for their patients at the point of care.

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Jointechlabs is an emerging world leader in point-of-care regenerative medicine therapies with headquarters in Brandon, FL. Current products include MiniTC® and Mini-Stem System®, related medical devices for different markets.

These devices process autologous body fat into microfat and stromal vascular fraction (SRV) respectively. They can be used in joint pain, non-surgical orthopedics, sports medicine, aesthetics, and wound healing procedures at the point of care, providing superior results and time savings with no change in clinic infrastructure. Pipeline products include biologic drugs and 3D bioprinting products to further expand use in orthopedic, wound healing, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Jointechlabs is proudly ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP Certified.

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A Dedicated Team

Dr. Nathan Katz, PhD, ELD (ABB)
Dr. Nathan Katz, PhD, ELD (ABB)

Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Scientific Officer

Nathan is an inventor and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in the fields of stem cells, medical devices, and human genetics.

His record includes peer-reviewed publications and scientific presentations. He led the company to its first FDA clearance, extensive IP portfolio, NIH grant awards, and efficient R&D and manufacturing. Nathan has built a management team of dedicated professionals and established collaborations with prominent experts in the regenerative medicine field.

Dr. Nishit Pancholi, MD, MS
Dr. Nishit Pancholi, MD, MS

Co-Founder, COO, Chief Medical Officer

Nishit is an entrepreneurial leader with over 15 years of experience in regenerative medicine, and strong knowledge of business operations.

His approach – based on scientific rationale and commercial opportunity – is pivotal in the company’s regulatory approval strategies across clinical indications and geographies. Nishit leads development and execution, utilizing available resources to meet ongoing business needs while managing relationships with advisors, vendors, and key stakeholders.

Jose Chavez Jr.
Jose Chavez Jr.

Director of Quality Assurance

Jose has 15 years of experience in multiple quality and regulatory affairs roles, and holds JD and MBA degrees.

His roles range from Quality Engineer to Director at the forefront of medical technologies and innovations, dealing with US FDA’s CDRH/CDER/CBER and global regulatory agencies. He is an active and contributing member of both Regulatory Education for Industry & Small Business Industry Conferences.

Peter Levy
Peter Levy

Marketing Advisor

Peter has founded and led four technology start-ups over his Silicon Valley career.

He has been a board member, advisor, or investor to many companies. Holding a Harvard MBA, Peter has worked in marketing for Apple Inc., taught negotiation, and developed expertise in fundraising, strategy, marketing, and communications.

Suman Patnaik
Suman Patnaik

Social Media and Marketing

Suman has extensive experience crafting and managing engaging content.

Her areas of expertise include visual/text content, determining effective strategies to build brand equity, analyzing emerging social media trends, and increasing user engagement and followers with an empathic, people-focused approach to social media branding.

Anna Katz
Anna Katz

Operations Manager

Anna is an organization and logistics manager with over 25 years of experience.

Her experience ranges from corporate management to logistics to interdisciplinary communications.

Thomas Lawson
Thomas Lawson

Regulatory Consultant

Thom has over 30 years of experience in regulatory affairs.

His experience includes both start-up and Fortune 500 companies. He has written and coordinated over 50 regulatory filings for commercialization of medical devices in 27 countries, including authoring over 35 FDA 510(k) submissions.


Regenerative medicine is a relatively new field with health-enabling current technologies and therapies, and a promising future. Jointechlabs is a leader in orthobiologic regenerative and rejuvenation therapies, championing current technologies such as MiniTC, Mini-Stem System, and stem cell therapy, as well as pioneering future technologies and therapies.

JTL-T-01 (Osteoarthritis Clinical Therapy)

JTL is developing a proprietary stem cell scaffold for osteoarthritis as a biologic therapy for approval under the FDA fast-track program (RMAT).

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a major worldwide challenge for health systems, representing the most common degenerative joint disorder and the leading cause of chronic disability among older adults. In the US alone, OA affects 30 million people and represents a $303 billion economic burden.

JTL-T-01 is a pipeline therapeutic product under clinical development. It combines a unique method of extracting stromal vascular fraction (SVF) extraction from adipose tissue (fat) and embedding it into an injectable scaffold. JTL-T-01 has been designed as an autologous point-of-care therapy for osteoarthritis, useful for mitigation of pain, inflammation, and cartilage deterioration.
This approach to OA combines, for the first time, the regenerative healing properties of stem cells and the benefits of long-lasting viscosupplementation. With unprecedented efficacy, it will be easily implemented at point of care and will provide long-lasting effects to prevent the need for surgical intervention.

The pre-clinical study for JTL-T-01 was funded by the National Institutes of Health’s small business grant to Jointechlabs, and carried out in collaboration with Rush University, Chicago.
The mechanism of action study is completed, as well as a Pre-IND meeting with the FDA. Funding for a clinical study by a Phase-2 NIH grant, as well as filing of the IND, is expected Q1/2 2023.

Florida Institute of Technology

 JTL-T-02 (Wounds Clinical Therapy)

JTL is developing Multi-Layered 3D Bioprinted PLUG therapy targeting chronic, pressure, and large warfare wounds.

Chronic wounds affect over 400,000 people in the United States alone, with up to 60,000 deaths each year from non-healing ulcerations. Tissue grafting (e.g. autografts, allografts, and xenografts) and synthetic skin substitutes are common treatment methods, but most solutions are limited to symptomatic treatment and do not address the underlying causes of the chronic wound.
JTL-T-02 is a pipeline therapeutic product producing 3D bioprinting of microfat-laden collagen constructs – a promising approach to generate viable grafts for potential use in treatment of non-healing wounds.

Adipose tissue represents an attractive source of autologous cells for regenerative therapy due to its abundance and surgical accessibility. Application of adipose-derived cells has been shown to be a promising approach toward the treatment of non-healing wounds.

3D bioprinting is a rapidly evolving field that allows for the generation of cell-laden, custom-designed complex tissue constructs with precise ratios of hydrogel carrier and biological material for tissue engineering applications. Microfat incorporation into polymeric bioinks will allow crosslinking of the construct post-printing, thereby enabling the generation of mechanically stable 3D structures with controlled depth for use in grafting of deep chronic wounds.

Pre-clinical outcomes suggest that sequential application of 3D-printed microfat-laden collagen constructs with bandage changes on a weekly basis may be an effective approach for the treatment of non-healing wounds.


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Microfat - Orthopedics Clinical Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy of a Central Current Good Manufacturing Practices Laboratory Produced Autolog ... April 03, 2024; Stem Cells and Development; Christopher J Rogers, Robert Harman, Mitchell B Sheinkop, Peter Hanson, Mary A Ambach, Tal David, R... A single-arm, open-label, multisite, FDA approved clinical study in Kellgren-Lawrence severity grade 2-4 KOA patients. The cellular product was manufactured from patient-specific lipoaspirate in a cen ...
Microfat - Aesthetics Lypogold Method. A Standardized Injection Technique Of Fat-Rich In Vascular Stromal Fraction For A Soft Face-Lift And Re ... February 01, 2023; Elite Aesthetics Institute; Guarino, Enrico MD Evaluate the use of a definite dosage of stable nanofat quantity injected with a standard quantity in the face ligaments for obtaining a lifting effect connected with the fat injected and a regenerati ...

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