Mini-Stem System® is a dual function medical device. 

Like MiniTC, Mini-Stem System processes autologous fat into rejuvenative-cell-rich Microfat. 

Additionally, Mini-Stem System isolates Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) from fat tissue useful for autologous clinical applications in a broad range of therapeutic areas such as medical aesthetics, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, orthopedics, and wound care.

It is CE-mark pending and will be available in the EU, Asia, and other regions.  

Differences between MiniTC and Mini-Stem System

MiniTC offers a simplified protocol for obtaining injectable Microfat in about 30 minutes. Step one eliminates the blood and anesthetic contaminants, and step two allows breaking of dense fat into Microfat where regenerative cells are preserved. Injectable Microfat is then collected by connecting the syringe to the luer on top of the device. 

Mini-Stem System follows the same protocol as MiniTC to derive injectable Microfat. 

In addition Mini-Stem System can replicate the multi-step laboratory process of isolating stromal vascular fraction (SVF) from fat, but within the portable device in a closed-loop by introducing and collecting the materials through particular luer ports on the device. The main steps of the Mini-Stem System protocol for SVF include tissue washing, tissue enzymatic digestion, and filtration of the digested fraction.

User Profile

If you are a doctor or clinic practicing in the United States, MiniTC is available from Jointechlabs and distributors.

If you are a doctor or clinic practicing outside the United States, MiniTC or Mini-Stem System will meet your needs, with Mini-Stem System offering additional capabilities for you and your patients.  Mini-Stem System is available from Jointechlabs and distributors.