China focus includes a joint venture with a top Shanghai/Suzhou-based medical technology company and the granting of a core Chinese patent covering microfat (adipose tissue) processing.

BRANDON, FL, OCT. 2, 2023/PRNewswire. Jointechlabs, Inc., a Regenerative Medicine Solutions company announced that it has been granted a core patent by the China National Intellectual Property Administration covering adipose tissue processing and has entered into a joint venture with Bangyi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the aesthetic, plastic surgery, and orthopedic-sports medicine market in China.

The China Patent

Jointechlabs’ unique technology is designed to enable health practitioners worldwide to utilize autologous adipose tissue and its derivates (a person’s own fat) for joint pain relief and a wide variety of orthopedic, aesthetic, wound healing, and reconstructive surgery applications.

Patent CN115722351A titled “SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR PREPARATION OF ADIPOSE-DERIVED STEM CELLS” has been granted. This patent addresses the core operation and features of MiniTC®, the company’s flagship adipose processing system. The patent covers MiniTC’s technological superiority including industry-leading microfat purity, quantity, and processing speed.

“Innovation and market depth are both key to our success and strategy as a pioneer and leader of the regenerative medicine industry,” said Dr. Nathan Katz, CEO of Jointechlabs. “This patent strengthens our global intellectual property portfolio and allows us to bring our innovations to the Chinese public.”

Jointechlabs has a portfolio of worldwide patents in jurisdictions including China, the United States, EU, Israel, Japan, and Ukraine.

Celebrating the inauguration of Zann Medical

The Partnership

Jointechlabs also announced Zann Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture agreement with Bangyi Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a leading provider of medical technology solutions in China. With this agreement, Zann Medical will market and distribute Jointechlabs’ regenerative medicine products in China. In this partnership, Jointechlabs will provide licensed technology, training, manufacturing knowhow, and technical support. Correspondingly, Bangyi will market, sell, train, service, and support the licensed products. The Bangyi distribution network includes over 50 representatives and 500 distributors servicing over 600 hospitals and medical practices.

Dr. Nishit Pancholi, COO of Jointechlabs said “Bangyi is the right partner to help us bring our regenerative medicine solutions to China for the benefit of so many aesthetic, plastic surgery, and orthopedic-sports medicine patients. Therefore, we look forward to serving the needs of the Chinese population and the medical community.”

Jerry Luo, Chairman of the Board and co-founder of Bangyi, said “We forecast significant demand for MiniTC and Jointechlabs products throughout China.” Simon Chen, Managing Director and co-founder added “Accordingly we are excited to work with Jointechlabs and together address regenerative medicine needs throughout China.”

About Jointechlabs

Headquartered in Brandon, FL, privately-held Jointechlabs is an emerging worldwide leader in regenerative medicine. The company enables healthcare practitioners to provide safe, cost-effective, non-surgical therapies at the point-of-care without change in infrastructure.

FDA-cleared MiniTC® is a stand-alone device for processing autologous fat into regenerative-cell-rich microfat. Microfat’s uses include a variety of orthopedic, aesthetic, wound healing, and reconstructive surgery applications. Additionally, in certain markets, CE-Mark-pending Mini-Stem System® extracts microfat and Stromal Vascular Fraction.

Pipeline includes development of stem-cell based therapeutics with 3D Bioprinted constructs and injectable stem cell scaffolding.

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