For people new to microfat as well as for experienced clinicians

Dr. Nathan Katz, adipose tissue expert and CEO of Jointechlabs, discusses the scientific basis for the use of adipose tissue and microfat in regenerative medicine and discusses best practices in microfat-based procedures and the processing of microfat for optimal results.

Dr. Nathan Katz, speaker in this best practices presentation.
Dr. Nathan Katz, CEO, Jointechlabs, Inc.

This presentation is designed both for doctors who are new to microfat and/or regenerative medicine and for doctors who use microfat and want to understand best practices.

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The following is a transcript of the first portion of the best practices presentation:

“Hello, I’m Nathan Katz.

I’m going to talk today about

fat – like you can see on my background screen. I have to disclose

that I’m the CEO of a company that is involved in the

development and manufacturing of products in the field of regenerative

medicine, specifically related to the processing of fat. However,

for this presentation, I will try as much as possible to present the scientific

aspects of adipose tissue and the

application of adipose derived products

in the different regenerative medicine applications.

I hold a PhD in biology

and I have medical background.

You can see that we love your fat. It’s our slogan,

and we literally love the fat because fat is a

very potent and very rich human tissue that

if leveraged properly can be applied for different applications;

pain mitigation, aesthetics and wound healing. And that’s

what we do, what industry does, and the

goal to find the proper way, how to apply fat,

how to process fat properly, and how to learn

to deal with the adipose tissue.”