Jointechlabs Launches MiniTC for Point-of-Care Fat Tissue Processing

The scientific community has regarded regeneration as a topic of interest for thousands of years. Long before it was dubbed ‘Regenerative Medicine’, this type of medical intervention was applauded by healthcare professionals for its successful outcomes. Early discoveries, such as skin graft procedures for facial reconstructions, have greatly influenced the field as we know it today.

Following a long history of enthusiasm, researchers however began to question the integrity of the procedures being performed, specifically, the tissues being transplanted, and began wondering whether it was possible to create, grow, and harvest these tissues in the laboratory. Thus began the era of ‘Tissue Engineering. Fast forward to today, regenerative medicine is regarded as a major advancement in medical treatment, based on the principles of stem cell technology and tissue engineering, designed to replace or regenerate human tissues and organs and restore their functions.

Recently, Jointechlabs (JTL) received FDA clearance in the US for its device, MiniTCTM, for point-of-care fat tissue processing designed to obtain microfat for multiple indications. MiniTC is a disposable, closed-loop medical device that can be used in the clinic setting, with no change in infrastructure, eliminating the need for manual processing of fat tissue in the lab. JTL plans to focus on reaching healthcare practitioners in several specialties including plastic surgery, orthopedics, aesthetic practices, internal medicine (e.g., primary care physicians who handle aesthetics or orthopedic procedures) and wound healing.

The company’s primary medical devices, including those in development, can isolate cell-enriched microfat as well as stem cell fraction (SVF) from fat. JTL’s pipeline products are FDA approvable stem cell therapies based on its technology for indications with unmet medical needs.

As one of the founders of Jointechlabs, I’m excited by the field of regenerative medicine as the company’s comprehensive and proprietary technology provides a variety of tissue reconstruction and regeneration options, enabling healthcare practitioners – in medical centers, hospitals, and clinics – to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective cell enriched fat grafts at the point-of-care. The FDA clearance of MiniTC represents an important step forward in the regenerative medicine market as it’s less costly, cumbersome, and labor-intensive compared to what currently exists.

MiniTC is available via the company’s distributors/partners or for purchase by healthcare professionals directly from the company. Distributors that have signed on thus far include Febomed LLC, Confluence, Tristate Biologics, Biomedical Innovation, Institute of Regenerative Medicine, and Center for Regenerative Cell Medicine.

Pipeline Products Jointechlabs has an extensive development program. In addition to MiniTC, the company’s Mini-Stem – a patented, disposable, closed-loop medical device – is pending approval in Europe (and under investigation in other countries) for isolation of stem cell fraction (SVF) from fat. Mini-Stem will enable doctors to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective non-surgical stem cell treatments at the point of care. Mini-Stem will serve as a platform for cell therapies and is well poised to target the developing regenerative medicine market, unlike any of the current devices. Additionally, JTL is developing a proprietary stem cell-scaffold product as a biological therapy for osteoarthritis, for approval under the FDA’s fast-track program.

An experienced and respected emerging world leader in point-of-care regenerative medicine, Jointechlabs invites the healthcare/medical community, and patients, to learn more about its comprehensive and proprietary technology. For more details, including how to obtain the device and training-related questions, please visit