Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop discussing Jointechlabs research after presenting a scientific paper
Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop discussing Jointechlabs research

Presenting Scientific Papers After Receiving CE Mark

Since my last post, Jointechlabs has been exceedingly busy setting up instructional centers around the United States and in Europe. Additionally, we have traveled to several international meetings including in Hamburg and Budapest. We participated with a poster exhibit in the former and presented from the podium our data on Microfragmented Adipose Tissue (MFAT) applications at the shoulder and the knee. For the majority of orthopedic attendees this was their first introduction to MFAT. After receiving permission from the European equivalent of the FDA to introduce Jointechlab products into the European Union member countries, we decided to start the physician education process and that is best accomplished at scientific meetings. In the United States, so much depends on direct-to-consumer marketing. However, in the rest of the world it is the physician and government who take responsibility for patient healthcare.

Outlining The Role of MFAT in Orthopedics

In our several presentations, authored by Dr. Nathan Katz and myself, MFAT was positioned as a means of reducing symptoms and improving function for those afflicted with osteoarthritis but are too young for a total joint replacement, or where the disease progression doesn’t justify a joint replacement even though the patient is afflicted by musculoskeletal disease. At the other end of the spectrum are those with advanced osteoarthritis but who cannot safely undergo a joint replacement. Lastly, there is a major role for MFAT as an adjunct to any orthopedic surgical procedure. That role is both to hasten healing and to diminish post procedure pain and inflammation.

Jointechlabs’ Growing Instructional Programs

As an example of Jointechlabs’ growing international recognition, a team of professionals traveled from Vietnam to Hamburg to recruit our team to work in Vietnam and establish a Center of Excellence for Regenerative Medicine. This center is in the largest hospital in the country and enjoys governmental partnership. While it is now summertime and lhe living should be easy, our US instructional programs for professionals continue to grow. We are preparing for presentations and participation this September in Catania, Sicily, and this November in Rome, Italy. All of this by invitation.

The Coming Months

We have a busy next few months as we host training seminars in the US and attend and present scientific papers at conferences worldwide. That is in addition to our international expansion and of course maintaining our acclaimed customer support. The living isn’t easy but fulfilling our mission is worth the effort.