Dr. Nathan Kats, PhD – CEO

Dr. Katz has 20 years’ experience in a field of stem cells, human biology and genetics, with a solid background in commercialization of scientific achievements in this area. He is recognized as one of most experienced professionals practicing single cell micro-manipulation, nuclear transfer and genetic diagnosis. His record includes top notch peer-reviewed publications and dozens of scientific presentations. He is involved in commercial projects around the world utilizing his professional knowledge and experience, promoting new methodological approaches in private markets. Being involved daily in clinical embryology, Dr. Katz has been exposed to field of embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells came into focus of attention as less controversial and potentially powerful source for tissue regeneration. His personal experience and leadership are key factors that led to founding and early success of Jointechlabs Inc., stem cells technology venture. He is also the co-founder and scientific director of NeoKine Laboratories.

DR. Nishit pancholi

Dr. Pancholi has extensive basic and clinical research experience. He has to his credit several scientific papers published in the areas of stem cells, repair and regeneration. He has prepared and presented data at several scientific conferences. Through his research on stem cells, Dr. Pancholi has been able to elucidate the importance of growth factors in healing and regeneration. He is also the Founder Vice-President of VivaStem Laboratories LLC, a biotechnology pioneer in the stem cell fluid technology. Along-with being very well versed with the knowledge of GCP, GMP, and GLP, he is a strategic thinker and effective leader with proven success in developing clinical strategies for various indications. Dr. Pancholi has a passion for bringing affordable, effective therapies to the forefront of clinical medicine and is working tirelessly towards achieving this goal. Founding NeoKine Laboratories to bring Enriched Platelet Factors (EnPLAF) from bench to bedside is a huge step in that direction.

Felix Pustilnik – COO

Mr. Pustilnik has over 15 years of high-tech industry experience with various functions from corporate development to business development and sales. He played a critical role in the development of strategic partnerships with global outsourcing companies for a business solution software provider, which had generated $50M+ in revenue. Prior to that, Mr. Pustilnik led development of international operations for one of the leading Contact Center solutions provider.